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Technical Specs
Build Size: 355 x 254 x 355mm

Accuracy: Parts within +/- .200mm

Layer thicknes: 0.127mm - 0.330mm

Materials: ABS-M30, ASA, PC-ABS, PLA, TPU-92A & Diran 410MF07

Colours: 11 Colours.

Soluble Supports: so no hassle breaking supports off the part and leaving damage marks.

FDM Plastic printing

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) is ideal for prototyping with a superior surface finish and a choice of materials and colours.
With our polymer based 3D printer, the Stratasys F370, we are able to print everything from fast, low-cost concept models to durable assemblies. It offers incredibly accurate, high quality results in a wide array of materials depending on the application, strength requirements and budgets.
FDM printed plastic part

How can polymers be used?

There are many ways to use polymers from Design Verification to quick prototypes, contact us to find out more.
FDM plastic mock up
Design Verification
FDM is great for producing models and mock-ups for your deisgns. We can verify CAD models quickly and easily in a variety of materials.
FDM plastic type blocks
Quick Prototypes
With fast-draft mode from the F370 we can create test objects more quickly whilst consuming less material, meaning that you can have the freedom to experiment.
PLA flexible plastic
Industry leading material support gives you access to a variety of materials; from inexpensive PLA, flexible TPU through to engineering-grade thermoplastic PC-ABS.

FDM Materials

ABS-M30 material
ABS-M30 is 25% to 70% stronger than standard ABS. Making it ideal for concept modelling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools and end-use parts. With stronger layer bonding than ABS and greater tensile, impact and flexural strength, ABS-M30 parts are stronger, smoother and have better feature detail.
asa material
Strong, UV Resistant choice for prototypes. For superior aesthetics in consistently high-quality parts, ASA provides UV stability and 10 colour choices for all-purpose prototyping. The material’s UV resistance makes it well suited for end-use parts for outdoor commercial and infrastructure use.
PC-ABS material
Superior impact strength and heat resistance. PC-ABS is a high-impact engineering thermoplastic ideal for functional prototyping, tooling and low-volume manufacturing. Get the best of two FDM materials, the strength and heat resistance of Polycarbonate (PC) and the flexibility of ABS.
PLA material
Inexpensive hobbyist material (uses breakaway support only). Economical and user-friendly PLA, a thermoplastic made from renewable resources produces quick, economical design concepts in 11 colour options, including transparent. PLA offers fast printing, good tensile strength and a high stiffness ratio, and requires less heat and power to print parts.
TPU-92A material
Produce large and complex elastomer parts. Create accurate elastomer parts quickly and efficiently with the ease and reliability of professional FDM printing. The durable elasticity of TPU-92A material makes it a good choice for a wide variety of applications including flexible hoses, tubes, air ducts and vibration dampeners.
Diran 410MF07 material
Diran 410MF07
Smooth, tough manufacturing material – ideal for tooling. Diran is a durable, nylon-based thermoplastic. It demonstrates exceptional toughness and resistance to hydrocarbon based chemicals, while maintaining a smooth, lubricious surface quality. Diran’s toughness and smooth, low friction texture makes it perfect for non-marring, factory floor tooling that stands up to the job.
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