About McCorquodale

A letterpress printing company that’s evolved over the decades.
In the 1980s a large investment in continuous mini web lithography presses was made, allowing printing of large and small volumes for all businesses including supermarket chains and bookmakers.

Alongside digital print capabilities, McCorquodale designs and prints a huge variety of bespoke products, that are delivered all over the UK.

New technologies

Always looking to the future, McCorquodale is proud to now offer 3D printing.
Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create objects with precise geometries, we can 3D print a wide range of bespoke products.
close up of 3D CAD part
AM is a radical and cutting-edge technology that can offer huge benefits
• Manufacturing of complex (non-machinable) geometrics
• Weight Reduction
• Reduced costs
• Reduced lead times
• Less waste production
• Reduction in risk
These are built layer by layer (AM- Additive Manufacturing) which is in contrast to traditional manufacturing (subtractive) that often requires machining or other techniques to remove surplus material.

The future

3D printing in a variety of thermoplastics, allowing for high quality parts for end-use production, rapid prototyping & visual models.
McCorquodale is currently developing carbon fibre composites, which can produce parts that are twice as strong as steel at a fifth of the weight.

Our machines and materials provide solutions to a variety of industry sectors including automotive, legacy parts, aerospace, heavy industry, architecture, medical, electrical and many more…