A well known high street supermarket gave us a brief to design and produce cost effective communication boards which would be used in the back office and warehouse to show important information and staff rotas for the week/month as well as capture delivery notes and stock control sheets. We designed three boards, two for the staff room one showing important information like health & safety, staff guidelines, fire drill etc and the other staff working rotas. The third a warehouse and goods in board needed to capture all delivery notes and stock control sheets in a busy warehouse. All three boards threw up different challenges but had one common theme, all had to have specially designed pockets that could be used on a daily basis by staff and managers to show numerous documents.

We designed three types of bespoke pockets inĀ PetG that were strong and flexible. They were rivet mounted onto pre-printed Foamex boards along with hooks and screws. We also supplied single pockets with instructions on how to replace any damaged pockets which are ordered by individual stores.

The initial roll out went to ALL stores nationally and we hold additional boards in stock, which new stores call off and we deliver direct.

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